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Amy Thinks Lunchbox May Be Trying To Get Something From Her

Amy thinks Lunchbox may be up to something or trying to get something from her because he’s been unusually generous lately.  

Lunchbox offered Amy soccer tickets to the Nashville Soccer Club because she mentioned wanting to go to a game. He has season tickets and has been avoiding giving any to Amy, and suddenly out of nowhere, he texted her offering his soccer tickets for the game this weekend. At first, she thought it was a nice gesture, then her radar went off and she realized he was probably going to ask her for something, or that he needed something.  

He said nothing is up, but what happened is she asked him for tickets for the game on October 21, but he is going to that one. He realized he’d be out of town this weekend since he’ll be at St. Jude Country Cares and offered her to use his tickets for that game, even though it’s not the game she asked tickets for. The show agreed be brought everything up just to show he was going to St. Jude for a charity event.