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BBS Recommends New TV Shows

There are so many streaming services out there with so many different options for TV shows, movies, documentaries... you name it. So every once in awhile the members of The Bobby Bones Show recommend something new to watch. They range from action packed to a sports documentary on a variety of services, so really there is something in here for everyone to check out.

All of these suggestions are either on Netflix, Apple TV+, Paramount +, Hulu, or CBS.

Find out what everyone’s watching below:  

EddieBeckham. The documentary on Netflix about David Beckham. Learned a lot about his career and family life. It’s a 4-episode series.  

Abby11.22.63. It came out in 2016 on Hulu and it’s about the day JFK was assassinated. A guy goes back in time to the 60s to try and stop it and solve who did it.  

MorganSpecial Ops: Lioness on Paramount +. It stars Zoe Saldana and Nicole Kidman and it’s about a special ops team and they send people to a program to be a spy. It was so good she binged it in one day.  

LunchboxBig Brother Season 25. It’s a great season and it has a twist where there is a mom and son in the house, and no one knows.  

Bobby BonesInvasion on Apple TV +. It’s about what happens to the world when aliens invade.  

Amy – She also watched Special Ops: Lioness and Beckham and confirmed they are really good.