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Jon Pardi Reveals How He Helped Wife Summer During Labor

Jon Pardi stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about his new song with Luke Bryan, his Christmas album, how fatherhood is treating him, perform an original holiday song and more!  

Jon Pardi and Luke Bryan’s new song, “Cowboys and Plowboys” is out today (October 13). He said the point of the song is that they are both the same type of person. They are both farmers and it’s a fun anthem kind of style sound. The song was a long time in the making. They recorded it for his album Mr. Saturday Night, that came out in September 2022, but with their schedules at that time it didn’t work out. He thought they were going to do a deluxe version of the album where the song would’ve gone, but they decided to push it to the next record. Pardi isn’t a fan of the current trend where records have more than 30 songs on them. He said the track list for his next record will be on the longer side, but he’s keeping it around 20 songs.  

Life has changed a lot for Pardi in the last two years. In February, he and his wife, Summer, welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Presley Fawn. He watched the full birth of his child and recommended others do the same. He said he thinks his wife appreciated it because he held her hand the full time and was playing music. He was scared, but it was a special moment that he’s happy he was right there with her for and thankfully, they had an awesome birth with no complications. His advice to those who have a partner who is going to give birth soon is to watch it happen because you’ll get used to it and to bring a Bluetooth speaker and play whatever feels right in the moment. He said the baby is doing well and growing and he’s noticed a different side to Summer now that she’s a mom. He feels like he’s turned into a kid, and she gets strict with him. One of the great things about fatherhood is he’s become more present and has become more serious about his health, which has helped him become a better vocalist. Pardi was battling a prostate infection and was put on antibodies for 12 weeks. He said he was peeing like he was 90 years old and it happened out of nowhere. It’s part of the reason why he had to cancel his Mr. Saturday Night World Tour in the U.K., but will be going there in April of 2024 to make it up to the fans there. He’s since gotten better and has been making healthier choices in his life.  

Jon Pardi’s first-ever Christmas album, Merry Christmas From Jon Pardi, will be out October 27th. He called it a progressive country fiddle record. He and his wife have always loved Christmas and start decorating the house for it on November 1, but they felt like they didn’t have a Christmas record that was their own. It’s the first record he recorded together with his band. The album includes four original Christmas songs, two standards - “White Christmas” and “Let It Snow.” It also includes a honky-tonk version of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” One of the most unique parts of the record is the cover of a Counting Crows song as the final track. Pardi wanted the album to feel like how he grew up and he feels like everyone goes through stuff in December, so he made the final track the Counting Crows song “A Long December.” He wanted a song that wasn’t about Christmas but talks about winter and that time of year. Pardi put his heart and soul into the album and said it’s full of a lot of love.  

While in studio, Pardi performed one of his original Christmas songs, “Beers For Santa” and his latest number-one song “Your Heart or Mine.”