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Show Admits The Nerdiest Things They Participate In

A couple who are Costco superfans have traveled over 220,000 miles and visited over 200 Costco's in 14 countries and love the megastore. While in Paris they didn’t go to a single museum, they only visited the Costco there. They went on a 1,582-mile trip from New York to Omaha to see the store there and when they checked off their final Costco in Ohio, the store gave them a congratulatory cake. The story inspired members of the show to share what the nerdiest thing they are passionate about it.  

The show shared the nerdiest things they do:  

  • Amy – Bird Bingo. She will mark off what birds come to her yard.  
  • Eddie – He spends a lot of time on Google Earth. After he watches old black and white movies, he will look them up on Google Earth and will sometimes go to that location to see if anything has changed.  
  • Lunchbox – He keeps the stats for his soccer games. He writes down how many minutes he played and goals he scored. He looks at them at the end of the season to see how his season went and then throws them away.  
  • Bobby Bones – He goes on deep dives of every ‘90s sitcom person and will search where they are now. He also follows football and basketball recruiting rankings with High School kids starting in 10th grade.  
  • Morgan – Every Thursday night when a new Marvel movie is released, she goes to the premiere.