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History Repeating Itself: Amy’s Daughter Showing Up Late To Class

History may be repeating itself in Amy's house.

When Amy was in 11th grade, she was always late to her math class, so her mom came to school one day and walked her to the class to make sure she got there on time. It was humiliating and she was never late again. Now, history is repeating itself with her daughter. Amy logged in and saw all her unexcused tardies and is thinking about showing up at her school to walk her to class like her mom once did.

Her daughter told her that she’s always late because that class is further away from the previous class she comes from. And her father saw where all her classes are on back-to-school night and agreed it’s far, but doable to get there on time. Looking back, Amy was mortified at the time that her mom came to her school to walk her to class, but is appreciative now that she took time out of her full-time job to make sure she showed up to class on time.