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WATCH: Episode 8 of ‘Too Much Access’ With The Western Kentucky Hilltoppers

On episode 8 of Too Much Access, the guys drove up to Bowling Green, Kentucky for a day to visit the facilities of the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers. Bobby and Eddie had a chance to sit down with head coach Tyson Helton, along with the quarterback who led the nation in passing yards last year – Austin Reed.  

The guys sat down with coach Helton and talked to him about how chaotic being on the coach's headsets can be during games. Known for being an offensive coach, Bobby also talked to him about why coaches are more aggressive on offense these days and why teams are going for it more on 4th down.  

Following their sit down with their head coach, QB Austin Reed taught the guys how to throw a spiral and ran them through some QB drills to test their mobility and accuracy. After running through some competition drills and Bobby almost tearing a ligament in his knee, Austin gave them a grade to determine a winner. Following the drills, Austin had a chance to talk about being a late bloomer in high school and his upbringing.  

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