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Bobby Bones Show Debates Who May Have “Doormat” Personality

An article in Daily Mail talked about the signs that show you might be a doormat and people are walking all over you even if you don’t know they are! Find out the eight signs below and who on the Bobby Bones Show struggles with them!  

  1. You have difficulty saying no to requests or demands. Bobby Bones thinks Eddie and Amy are really nice and don’t want to hurt people, so they have difficulty with this one.  
  2. Prioritizing other needs over your own because you worry about upsetting them. Bones does not struggle with this because he feels if he upsets them short term quickly, they will get over it sooner.  
  3. Feeling like you have no control in your life. Amy feels like she’s working on it. Bones feels like the only place he lacks control in his life is with his diet sometimes.  
  4. Allowing boundaries to be consistently crossed. Amy feels like she’s gotten better at setting boundaries, but she needs to get better at respecting others. Bones needs to understand better exactly what his boundaries are. 
  5. Often feeling overwhelmed and stressed due to accommodating others and over committing. Bones stress comes from overcommitting himself to things and not from other people.  
  6. Fear of standing up for yourself and speaking your truth. Amy used to struggle with this but has recently gotten better.  
  7. Feeling taken advantage of or holding hidden resentment. Eddie feels like he doesn’t say how he truly feels in certain areas of his life, and he gets taken advantage of for it.  
  8. Having low self-esteem and lacking self-confidence. Amy has worked on self-worth a lot this year. She said the key was figuring out what true value is within her and some of it has come from believing in herself and having the confidence to get there and not relying on other people.