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Lunchbox’s Latest Attempt For Show’s Pallet Investment

Lunchbox wanted the Bobby Bones Show to invest in a pallet this is full of returns from Amazon.

The goal was to sell the things inside it and hopefully make back more than you spent. Everyone pitched in money to get it, but he still has not gotten the pallet. Then they had a bunch of questions about the pallet to make sure all the good items inside of it weren’t already picked through. So, Lunchbox called to ask questions so they could come to a final decision if they are going to buy the pallet.  

Lunchbox asked how they can check the quality of goods and that they aren’t just getting a bunch of broken items. The employee said they can’t guarantee anything besides that an Amazon pallet is full of Amazon merchandise. He also guaranteed that they don’t go in the pallet and take anything out before it’s sold. He said their warehouse is also extremely full and they can’t accept any shipments at the moment. Eddie and Mike D voted they wanted their money back. Bobby Bones, Lunchbox, Scuba Steve and Amy voted to still buy the pallet. They are picking it up on Thursday to open on the show!