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Abby Reveals Her Current Relationship Situation

Listeners of the Bobby Bones Show have been curious about Abby's relationship status after she mentioned a guy in her original song "Hey There Hometown."

When Abby was home for Christmas she matched with a man on Bumble, but they never got to meet. They would FaceTime and talk every day and didn’t meet until he picked her up from the airport in Kansas City because she took him as her date to her friend's wedding. Her parents were at the wedding too, so he got to meet her family as well! Then about five months into talking he came to stay with her in Nashville for a few days. She also went to one of his family members' weddings as his date and met his whole family. Over the course of 10 months, they saw each other in person five times. 

The long distance started to get hard and neither of them wanted to move to be in the same place as each other anytime soon, so they broke up. It was mutual but she was the one who initiated the conversation. She is open to possibly having another long-distance relationship as long as it has an ending. Abby is bummed about it, but the show agreed she handled the whole situation very maturely!