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Eddie Saw Something Gross When Picking Up Wings From Takeout

Eddie was not sure what to do in a gross situation he encountered.

He ordered wings to watch football on Sunday but when he got to the restaurant, he noticed something gross. He could see into the kitchen and saw the cook put the wings in the fryer and then scratch his armpit. He did not have gloves on and then he took the wings out and started seasoning them with the same hand he used to scratch his armpit. Eddie didn’t pay yet so he debated leaving, but he bought them, brought them home and ate them. Every time he took a bite, he thought about it and gagged a little bit. What he learned from this experience is to not look back into the kitchen.  

Bobby Bones and Amy agreed similar things are probably happening at most places, but they don’t want to see it because once they do, they won’t be able to eat there anymore.