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WATCH: Episode 2 of ‘Too Much Access’ With The South Carolina Gamecocks

Episode 2 of Too Much Access featured coach Shane Beamer and starting RB Dakereon Joyner in Columbia, South Carolina when the guys visited the University of South Carolina Gamecocks.  

 As he always does, Eddie asked the pressing questions for Coach Beamer, including their mascot being a real chicken or not. Plus, the guys had a competition to see who could run the fastest 40 yard dash with Dakereon timing. Dakereon also ran them through some routes and had an accuracy challenge.  

Following the field work, Bobby and Eddie sat down with Dakereon on the field where he talked about what he does to protect himself in piles, and if he still uses a cup. Joyner also talked about getting his first offer from South Carolina at 13 years old from Steve Spurrier. 

Coach Beamer also talked about being disrespected heading into the season and how he deals with that when talking to his team. Plus, find out what the guys stole on this visit!  

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