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WATCH: Episode 1 of ‘Too Much Access’ With The Carolina Panthers

On episode 1 of Too Much Access, the guys went to Spartanburg, South Carolina to visit the Carolina Panthers during training camp. Bobby and Eddie sat down with QB Bryce Young who was this year’s #1 overall pick, along with head coach Frank Reich.  

After being doubted because of his size, Bobby asked Bryce the question everyone was wondering during the pre-draft process: how did he gain weight prior to weigh-ins? Bryce also talked about the expectations and pressure he is under being the number one overall pick, taking over a franchise and how long he has been a superior athlete.  

Bobby talked to Coach Reich about what he expects in the early days of training camp, the proper way to hold a football to make sure he doesn’t fumble, and if Coach Reich holds a player accountable for a player who may fumble but recovers it.  

The guys also interacted with Carolina fans while they watched the Panthers practice and met possibly their biggest fan – Cat Daddy. Plus, Eddie took full advantage of having the same name as their kicker and signed some gear for the fans. 

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