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Don’t Mess With an Enneagram 8, When a "Prank" Goes Too Far & More

Amy talks to Haley about a recent terrorization at her home by teenagers in her neighborhood. They had shirts covering their faces in an effort to remain anonymous, but they messed with the wrong house because Haley is an enneagram 8. She was not going to let this go until she tracked down who these kids were. She called 911, talked to the police & put a campaign up on her social media. In a few short hours she had them identified....don't mess with Haley (or her husband, as he is a lawyer!) These teens probably think they're partaking in something innocent & funny, but their behavior is not okay! Parents: we need to make sure we're talking to our kids about the dangers of these types of "pranks" (someone could get shot...seriously!)

Other things discussed:

- Acceptable pranks (what happened to simply toilet papering houses?)

- One bad decision could change your life

- Ghostbusters

- Nicole Galyon 


HOST: Amy Brown // // @RadioAmy

GUEST: Haley Dollarhide // @HaleyDollarhide

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