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BBS Show & Tell Shares Fun Facts About Celebrities

Members on The Bobby Bones Show each brought in a famous person and shared three fascinating facts about them. Find them out below!  

Mike D MrBeast

  • He is the first person to hit 200million followers on YouTube.  
  • The first ever check he got with a brand deal was $10,000 and he spent it on one video. He went up to a homeless man, gave him the money, and that’s when he went viral.  
  • He uses psychology to get people to watch his videos and will write out numbers in his videos.  
  • He spends a crazy amount of money to make his videos. One cost him $7-million to make.  

Eddie Tom Hanks (because he is his favorite actor)

  • His brother Jim Hanks, does the voice of Woody from Toy Story in the spin off shows and for the toys!  
  • He collects old vintage type-writers and has over 200. Sometimes he sends some to fans.  
  • He has type 2 diabetes.

MorganMorgan Freeman (because they share the same name)

  • He is an expert bee keeper and has a 124 ranch that he dedicated as bee Sanctuary and he loves them so much when he visits them he does not even wear a bee suit.  
  • His first acting role came from an act of punishment. In middle school he had a crush on a girl and pulled the chair out from under her. The teacher sent him to drama class as punishment and then he fell in love with acting.  
  • There is a conspiracy theory he was never a baby because there are no baby pictures of him anywhere.  
  • He broke a golf record in South Africa.  

Amy – George Strait  

  • He met his wife Norma in High School and they went on a date. They then had some distance and he asked her back on a date and they eloped.  
  • While in the army he was in a band called The Ramblin’ Country.  
  • He declined an invitation to the Grand Ole Opry, due to commitment issues. If you accept you have to perform there 12 times a year and he wanted to spend time back in Texas.  

Raymundo – Ryan Seacrest

  • He has a sweet tooth and his favorite candy is Gummy Bears.  
  • He started the Kardashian’s career when he signed them to his production company in 2007.  
  • He was bit by a shark when he was surfing and didn’t notice until he got on the shore and had a shark tooth in him.  

Lunchbox - Chelsea Houska (DeBoer)

  • She rose to fame when she appeared on 16 and Pregnant and then Teen Moms 2.  
  • She has her own show on HGTV called Down Home Fab.  
  • She launched her own home décor line called ‘Aubrey Says’ which is named after her first daughter that she had when she was 16.  
  • Down Home By DeBoer will have a storefront with a collection of home décor, accent pieces and furniture.  

Bobby Bones – David Letterman

  • He started on radio and local TV as a weatherman. He got fired from his weatherman job when he congratulated a tropical storm for turning into a hurricane.  
  • He has a scholarship at Boston University for average students.  
  • He never wore the same tie twice during his Late Night Show.  
  • The Foo Fighters are his favorite band and appeared on his final show.  
  • He used to throw pencils at people and they put erasers on both ends so it didn’t hurt anyone.  

Photo: Getty Images