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Morgan Had Scary Incident With Uber

Morgan had a really scary interaction with a "Uber driver" when she went out with a friend.

She and her friend got an Uber together after going out to dinner. The car she ordered was the exact one that pulled up at the same time the app was saying it had arrived and when she asked if they were looking for Morgan the driver said yes. They got in the car, and she watched on the Uber app to make sure they were going in the right direction. He made a few of the correct turns and then started going in the complete opposite direction. She asked him if he was sure he was taking them to the right place and replied no and that he wasn’t even an Uber driver.

Morgan and the Uber driver yelled back and forth for a minute before he finally pulled over and they got out of the car immediately. They were in a sketchy part of town and had to wait another 20 minutes for a real Uber driver to get them and thankfully got home safe.

What she learned is to ask the Uber driver the name of who they are picking before getting in the car and to look at the license plate before you get in the car.