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Bobby Bones Shares Rejected Segments For The Past Month

The Bobby Bones Show shared the latest rejected segments that were never going to make the air because they were either a bad idea or boring.  

Find out the Top 5 below: 

  1. Mike D - Guinea Pig Week. Spin the wheel and whoever it lands on has to try a different product or pill from the gas station and by the end of the show we monitor how their body is doing.  
  2. Raymundo - Listeners always get to ask questions, so to switch it up, show members get to ask a question. Artists used to bring food in, but it hasn’t happened in years, so he wants to know why. 
  3. Mike D- Incriminate your co-hosts. Everyone needs to secretly record another member of the show and at the end of the month, whoever has the audio with the juiciest and most incriminating secret wins.  
  4. Lunchbox - Can you return mold covered fruit? He bought peaches on Monday and by Thursday they were covered in mold. He thought it was unacceptable how fast they went bad. He took them back to the store and got a refund.  
  5. Abby - Tipping is out of control. She tipped $10 buying a merch sweatshirt from an artist because they asked for a tip option when she paid. She didn’t want to give him anything since he was watching, but she felt it was undeserved.  

Bonus: Amy learned a new way to connect with her cat on a deeper level. If you wet a toothbrush and brush their head, it mimics them getting licked by their mother as a baby.