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There Was Drama When Lunchbox & Scuba Steve Picked Up Pallet

Everyone on The Bobby Bones Show invested $87 to get the pallet full of Amazon returns Lunchbox pitched. It took weeks, but they finally got the pallet!

Lunchbox and Scuba Steve went to Wholesale Pallet Outlet and settled on one that was $495. He picked the one he did because he saw a big money item sitting on top of it but had no idea what other items were in it. The pallet is huge and has to be broken down and repacked in order for it to fit in the studio.  

Lunchbox has receipts that he did have to pay some extra, but Scuba Steve’s truck also got damaged when they pulled into the garage. Scuba Steve pulled through the garage and started inching forward to make sure he could fit, and the garage door came down on his truck, denting and scratching the front of it. Lunchbox also stepped on the cover on his truck and broke it. The truck damage will cost $1,000 and Scuba Steve said it should be a business expense, but everyone is refusing to pay for it. Tomorrow they will open the pallet on the show!