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Bobby Bones Show Opens First Few Boxes From Pallet Investment

After weeks of delays, Lunchbox’s pallet for the show's investment is finally in the studio! It cost $540 and is full of Amazon returns and the goal is to hopefully sell what is inside of it for more than they paid the pallet for.

It’s a huge pallet and in the studio, they finally started to open what’s in it. They are splitting everything up in three piles: one that will make money, one that is garbage and a return pile. While opening the boxes they will price how much the items would cost at resale value. 

  • Four Kids Scoop Rockers. Resale Value: $10.  
  • 24-inch Scepter Monitor. Resale Value: $25.  
  • Simple Fold Highchair. Resale Value: $20.  
  • Racecar Seat Covers. Resale Value: $20.  
  • Juegoal Rear Bumper Protector. Resale Value: $25. 
  • Bosch Metal Fire dome for LC1. Resale Value: $15. 
  • Dream Pairs Slippers in size 9. Resale Value: $5.  
  • Fantasy Edge Sword. Resale Value: $10.  
  • A box of toilet paper they are going to put in the return pile.  
  • Two Hotel Sleeping Pillows. Resale Value: $5.  
  • Mop bucket they are going to throw away.  
  • Air Pump. Resale Value: $10.  
  • Massage Cushion with heat and vibration. Resale Value: $50. 

As of right now they will make roughly $230 off the pallet. However, there are still more boxes to open!