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Amy Remembers Time She Drove The Wrong Way Home With GPS

A story of a man who was driving while his wife slept in the backseat of a car, and he accidentally left her at a rest stop is going viral.

The man did not realize that when he stopped to go to the bathroom that she got out of the car too, so he drove off without her. She left her phone and purse in the car and was completely stranded. She walked 13 miles to a police station for help and her husband did not realize she was not in the car until 100 miles later. She didn’t know her husband’s number so she called her own phone 20 times but there was no answer. He finally came back and said since she was in the back seat sleeping, he didn’t realize it and it was an accident.  

When Amy moved to North Carolina, Bobby Bones gave her a GPS to help her get around her new town. Her husband was in Afghanistan, and she went to Target to get some stuff for their home. It was pouring rain and she thought they had set the home button on the GPS to be programmed to go to their new home in North Carolina, but it was still set to go to Bones house in Austin, Texas. She drove for about an hour until she realized it was taking her out of the state.