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Bobby Gets Overly Excited After Niece Wins Homecoming Queen

Bobby Bones went back to Mountain Pine, Arkansas to escort his niece, Kylie Estell, for her homecoming because her dad could not be there.

Right before they announced who won, Bones leaned over to his niece and told her she better not lose. Looking back, he realized he shouldn’t have said that. When they announced the winner was his niece, he air-humped really fast and hard to celebrate and posted the video of it on his Instagram. People were so mad at him for the way he acted, and he joked about it at his last Comedically Inspiration Show. He said that since he is super competitive, he wanted to be crowned the princess, so when he won, he got overly excited. People thought it was an inappropriate move he shouldn't have made and looking back he agreed it wasn't his best moment.  

You can watch the videos above and below.