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Lunchbox & Eddie Open Up Big Item in Pallet

Lunchbox and Eddie are continuing to open the pallet that members of the Bobby Bones Show invested in. It cost $540 and is full of Amazon returns and the goal is to hopefully sell what is inside of it for more than they paid for the pallet.  

They are splitting everything up into three piles: one that will make money, one that is garbage and a return pile. While opening the boxes they will price how much the items would cost at resale value. As of right now they will make roughly $321 off the pallet. However, they opened more boxes and have an item of high value! 

  • CEMOFE 14-16ft Bass Boat Cover. Resale Value: $25.  
  • New Age Outdoor Cat Shelter. Resale Value: $40.  
  • Six Toilet Seats. Resale Value: $15 for all six.  
  • Two cube storage organizers. Resale Value: $5.  
  • Hansgrohe Rain Dance 300 Shower Set. Listed new for $600, resale value: $300.  

Right now, if they were able to sell everything, they’d get $737. However, there are still more boxes that need to be opened.