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Listener Who Snuck Backstage To Eat Cake With Bobby Calls In

After Bobby Bones Comedically Inspirational Show in Tulsa, Oklahoma last weekend, his wife’s family came backstage to celebrate, and there was a man by himself that no one knew. Bones assumed it was one of his wife’s cousins that he didn’t know. They talked and ate cake together and once he left, they found out no one knew who he was!  

It turned out to be a listener named Matt who snuck backstage, and he called into The Bobby Bones Show to explain why he did it! He didn’t go to the show with a goal to get backstage, it just happened impromptu. He has a problem with his knee, so he had to go out the side door and as he was leaving, he saw it was by the stage door and that people who were getting ready to go see Bones backstage were standing there. He had never snuck backstage at a show before and saw an opportunity and took it! He thought, what would Lunchbox do, and that inspired him to sneak backstage. Matt just tried to hangout and blend it and wasn’t nervous that he might get caught. He said if you look like you belong and walk with a purpose people won’t question it.  

While backstage, Matt talked to Bones' father-in-law for a while and Eddie about his steaks and no one questioned how he knew Bones or his wife. He didn’t want to make a scene or interrupt his family event, so he tried to blend in but when he asked for a selfie with Bones that’s when people started to notice.  

He went to the show with his wife, but she did not sneak backstage with him and was mad when he did. Matt enjoyed the show and Bones personally thanked him for not harming him backstage.