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Two People Anonymously Spilled The Tea On Show Members

Two people anonymously spilled the tea on Lunchbox and Eddie!  

The first one was about how cheap Lunchbox is. They caught him stealing the station merchandise that they give away to listeners to wear. It was a sweatshirt with country artists’ names on it, which is something he usually wouldn’t wear, and he couldn’t even name their songs. Lunchbox admitted to stealing it. He said he did it because he forgot his sweatshirt and was cold, so he went in the back and grabbed the sweatshirt. He doesn’t plan on taking it home and in his defense, they have been sitting in the studio unused for a long time.  

The next tea spiller shared that Eddie always complains how busy he is, but they caught him in the studio practicing his golf swing with his golf clubs. He also hit the wall damaging it. He admitted he hit the wall very lightly, but it was not damaged. What happened was he left his golf clubs with Bobby Bones, and he brought them to the station for Eddie to bring home. During a five-minute break, he quickly practiced his golf swing. Morgan and Raymundo witnessed it happen and almost got hit by his golf club!