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Spooky Fun Facts For Halloween

Photo: Moment RF

Members of The Bobby Bones Show shared spooky facts for Halloween! Find them out below:  

  • Amy – When you die you can still get goose bumps.  
    • Albert Einstein’s brain was preserved after his death.  
    • Exploding head syndrome causes people to hear extremely loud noises in their head just as they are falling asleep.  
    • A cockroach can live for over a week without its head.  
  • Lunchbox – Back in the day in England when they didn’t have enough bowls or cups, they would take human skulls to eat and drink out of.  
  • Eddie – The movie, A Nightmare on Elm Street, was based on a true story. There was a little boy in L.A. who was having nightmares and refused to go to sleep for days and died from exhaustion.
  • Bobby Bones – 99% of the human body is empty space.  
    • You can have a baby after you die. It’s called coffin births, and it happened when the pregnant corpse lets out gases and pushes the fetus out.  
  • Morgan – The Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland used real skeletons. Back when it was created in the ‘60s, they didn't think the fake skeletons were real enough looking so they teamed up with the University there and brought in real ones. They have since been removed, but some people think they are still in there.  

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