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Through the Fire: How Faith Overcame Unthinkable Loss

Pastor Ridley Baron's life took an unimaginable turn when he survived a traumatic car accident, which tragically claimed the life of his beloved wife. As if fate hadn't dealt him a heavy enough blow, another devastating twist awaited him at the hospital when an accidental overdose took the life of his infant child. Ridley found himself a single father and a pastor who had lost his way, grappling with grief and questioning his connection to God.

But in the depths of his despair, Ridley embarked on a remarkable journey of healing, redemption, and unwavering faith. Join us as he shares his story of finding light in the darkest moments, discovering strength when he didn't think he had any left, and ultimately finding purpose in (and through) his trials.

Prepare to be inspired as we explore the depths of human faith, resilience, and the boundless capacity to find purpose even in the midst of the most profound tragedy.

HOST: @LeanneEllington

GUEST: Ridley Barron, Lead Pastor Grove Hill Church // Ridley Barron

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