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Bobby Gives Listener Morgan Wallen Tickets After Calling About the Price

A few weeks ago, listener Toby called into The Bobby Bones Show that he wanted to surprise his wife with Morgan Wallen tickets to his show in Houston, but average tickets cost almost $2K!

He didn’t call in wanting free tickets, just to complain how ridiculous ticket prices had gotten and wanting to know what we would do in that situation. They said there was no way they’d spend that much on tickets, but Bobby Bones told him he’d tried to contact Wallen and see if he could get him free tickets.

Bones called Toby back and shared that he did get him a pair of free tickets. He does not know where the seats are but wants Toby to call back after the show to let him know how it was and to spend the money, he was going to on the tickets by taking his wife somewhere nice.