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Abby Wants Advice on Pursuing Her Career Over a Family

Abby and a lot of her single friends are going through a similar situation right now. They all moved to Nashville to pursue their dreams and they feel like they are where they need to be and have everything but are missing the family. Most of her friends back home are married with kids and she feels like she needs to sacrifice her career in order to have a family and wants to know if it’s possible to have both.  

She’s in her 30s and feels like time is ticking and has lived in Nashville for 10 years and is worried she may go another 10 years without having a serious relationship. She’s happy with where she is with her job, but she feels like it’s hard to meet someone in a big city compared to a small town. She wants to move home and get married and have kids one day, but she does not want to sacrifice what she has built with her life in Nashville. Bobby Bones related because he focused so much on his career that he did not get married until he was 40. He said, to have anything that is worthy takes sacrifice, period. Since Abby is committed to her career and feels like that’s where she should be, she should continue doing that. If she were to give up on her career and focus more on her personal life, she’d be wondering about her career. The grass is always greener on the other side so it’s important to just focus on where you are now in life.  

If she wants to make finding someone a priority then she needs to focus on that by going out more, meeting more people and changing her usual routines. She’s worried about the future but she can’t predict and control it, so she shouldn’t worry about it. The only thing she can control is her effort and if it’s important to her then she needs to focus on it and dedicate time to going out and making herself uncomfortable to possibly meet someone! Also, to not let her age freak her out and not to compare herself to anyone else.