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Bobby Bones Show Asks Fellow Show Members For A Favor

Members of The Bobby Bones Show asked each other for favors. Find out what everyone wants below:  

Lunchbox – He asked Bobby Bones to help make a dream come true because Challenge Mania is coming to Nashville. People from The Real World and The Challenge are coming to Nashville on November 18th and he wants Bones to invite them to the studio for an interview. Bones agreed that if they can line it up, they will bring them in.  

Eddie – He asked Abby to take care of his dog at her place. Over Thanksgiving break, he and his family are going on vacation for two days and he wants her to watch his dog for $10 a day. She cannot commit yet because she’s not sure if she’ll be in town. 

Amy – Needs Scuba Steve’s truck because she wants to cut down a Christmas tree in the woods and put it up in her house. If the place is within 20 minutes, then he will agree to do it.  

Morgan – She also needs a favor from Scuba Steve to be her manager. He has connections in Hollywood, and she wants him to help get her a gig acting on a show. If she lands a role and he gets a cut from her earnings, then he will agree to do it.  

Bobby Bones – His only favor is for everyone to continue being themselves and doing the best they can!