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Here Are Some Things You Didn’t Know, But Definitely Should Know

Amy sent Bobby Bones an article that paper coffee cups are a toxic nightmare. For them to be leak proof, they need to put a layer of plastic in them, and the hot coffee makes it melt causing it to become toxic. It inspired members of The Bobby Bones Show to share things you didn’t know, but definitely should!  

  • Eddie – Baby carrots are not their own carrots; they are just cut from a regular bigger carrot.  
  • Lunchbox – If you’re cooking and burn the dishes and can’t get it off, let it soak in laundry soap and it will come off.  
  • Bobby Bones – If there is a jar or container you can’t open it, submerge it in hot water for 30 seconds.  
    • Lack of sleep can kill someone faster than starvation. You will die quicker if you don’t sleep and eat.  
    • If you’re in bed and feel dizzy, put one foot on the floor and your brain will readjust. 
    • If you have a stuffy noise, you can get relief by slicing an onion in half and placing both halves on your nightstand while you sleep.
    • You can prevent acne by using cold water in the shower. The cold water will close your pores and prevent dirt and bacteria from entering them.  
  • Morgan – If you upload a selfie on, you can find all the photos of you that are on the internet. This is how she found that she’s on a celebrity foot website.