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Lunchbox Shares Idea for How To Sell Pallet Items

Lunchbox is done opening up everything that was inside the Amazon return pallet members of The Bobby Bones Show invested in. If they can sell everything at resale value, they estimated they could make up to $1,240. Lunchbox has a plan in place to sell everything.  

It would be a Bobby Bones Show garage sale. They announce the date a month in advance and have it on a Saturday morning after Christmas. It would be at a Sonic, and they would take up half of the parking lot, so you can buy an item and get some food at Sonic. They would also be there to sign the items. He thinks people from all over North America would come to it. 

Lunchbox is waiting to hear back from Sonic if they’d be able to do that. No one on the show thinks it’s a good or realistic idea and that Sonic would not allow it since it’s a liability. Lunchbox is going to present another idea soon! Bobby Bones thinks they should list the items online and on Facebook marketplace.