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Lunchbox’s Altima Has Died Again & He Gets Some Bad News

Lunchbox’s 2005 Nissan Altima has died once again.

It first died a few months ago and he took it to multiple mechanics to get it fixed, but nothing worked. One place gave his car new spark plugs and a water pump, but it still did not work so they didn’t charge him and asked him to get his car of their lot. The last mechanic he took it to get it to start working again for a few weeks and he only spent about $200 on it. Then, when he tried to turn it on, it started stalling in his driveway again. He took it back to the mechanic and they told him it needed a new engine that would cost $5,000 plus 26 hours of labor. If he were to sell his car, Kelly Blue Book has it listed for $250.  

Lunchbox broke the news to his wife and said he’s had the car longer than he’s known her and that he’s upset their kids will never get to drive it. She was excited about the news and wanted him to pick out a new car ASAP, but he needs a few days to process before he starts looking for a new one.