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Lunchbox’s Son Learned A Bad Word & Keeps Repeating It

Lunchbox’s 5-year-old son has learned the F-word and has been walking around everywhere saying it.

Lunchbox uses the word often, so he thinks he might’ve learned it from him.  His son uses the word correctly, like when he was at the grocery store, he dropped cereal and reacted by saying the word. Lunchbox also captured audio of him screaming it in the house. He does think it’s funny, but he has got to get him to stop because his 3-year-old son has learned it from his brother and is saying it too. Lunchbox has been telling them they can’t use it, but they think it’s funny. His wife is very mad they are saying it, but all Lunchbox can do is tell them to stop and move on with his life. He’ll embrace them saying it when they are 12.