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Scuba Steve Admits He Has Over $15,000 in Wedding Debt

Back in 2016, Scuba Steve got married and he had to pay for the wedding.

In his wife’s culture, the husband has to pay for the wedding to show that they can take care of the daughter. Seven years later, he’s consolidated the debt a couple different times and had made multiple payments but still owes about $15,000 in wedding debt. He pays about $500 a month for it, and he got a loan with 0%. He wanted to know if anyone else on the show had any debt.  

Eddie was once in a lot of debt too. He and his wife saw that Pearl Jam were opening for U2 in Hawaii, so they opened a credit card and went. They kept charging everything on the credit card and then when they had their first child the charges kept racking up. They found themselves in $40,000 worth of debt. They made major cutbacks in their life, saved and paid off as much as they could each month until it was all gone. He has been debt free for over three years now!  

The only debt Lunchbox has is a mortgage payment because all his student loans were forgiven. He has a $20,000 student loan that he paid off $14,000 of and got a letter telling him the final $6,000 was forgiven and he did not need to pay it. In college, he opened a bunch of credit cards to get free t-shirts, but he learned that was bad and he started closing his accounts.  

Bobby Bones does not have debt and has never had it because it scared him. He would over pay his bills in case he missed a payment one month.