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Bobby Bones Show Gives Impromptu Fashion Show

Scuba Steve shared a story about LeBron James going to an NBA game in head-to-toe Louis Vuitton and the outfit cost $28K! He wanted to go around the room and get a fashion show of what each member of The Bobby Bones Show was wearing and how much their outfit cost. Find out below:  

Bobby Bones – He is wearing a Wags n’ Walks hoodie that he got at a charity event and a Kip Moore cut-off t-shirt underneath, with a pair of Lulu Lemon pants and a pair of Jordan 1’s that Ryan Seacrest gave him when he filled in for him on American Idol. He also has on his Ray Ban glasses. Total is probably around $70.  

Amy – She is wearing black combat boots from Amazon she got for only $19, Levi jeans, Free People turtleneck and a belt. Total cost around: $130.  

Lunchbox – He is wearing a Four Bears Casino sweatshirt, a free Top Golf T-shirt that his wife gave him when she worked there, Nike jogger pants from 2013 and a pair of Brooks running shoes that he got as a gift. The total cost is around $15.  

Eddie – He is wearing a Palm Golf hat Bones gave him, a Dallas Cowboys sweatshirt his mother-in-law gave him, pants he got from a brand endorsement, and Reebok shoes Bones gave him. He spent $0 on his clothes.  

Between the four of them, their outfits cost around $300.