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Bobby Gives Advice To Listener About Mom’s Crazy Christmas Decorating

A listener wrote into the Bobby Bones Show mailbag about their mother’s crazy Christmas decorations.

Every year, she decorates their house from the top to the bottom and has a ridiculous amount of decorations. As a kid, it was cool to have a festive house, but as they’ve gotten older, their mother has leaned on them to be the one to get all the decorations out, put them up, and put them away. It’s become a full-time job, and they hate it. They know they’ll miss it when she’s not around anymore, but they only have so much time during the day and want to know how they can convince her that they should scale it back this year.  

To Bobby Bones, it sounds like their mom is getting older so unless it’s keeping them from doing something important, they should just do it because they’ll be sad when she’s not around anymore. Lunchbox’s grandfather was very big into Christmas decorations and every year would have him and his cousins come over to help set everything up. One year, his grandfather overheard Lunchbox complaining about it and told him he could leave if he didn’t want to be there. To this day, he still feels guilty that he didn’t just enjoy the moment, even though the work is so tedious and hard, especially since his grandfather is gone now. He agreed they should just shut up and do it because when they are dead, they’ll miss those Christmas decorating days. They suggested they make the best of it, and that they could bring someone else to help make it fun!