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Lunchbox Doesn’t Think He Needs To Organize Party for Wife’s 40th Birthday

Lunchbox’s wife is turning 40 in a few weeks and hasn’t planned anything for her birthday yet. Since 40 is a milestone birthday and she knows what she likes, he feels like she should be the one to plan it and not put pressure on him. They are having a disagreement on who should plan the birthday party, and everyone on the show thinks Lunchbox should be the one to do it. They think he should communicate with her on what she wants so he can put effort into planning something.  

He does not need to plan something for her for every birthday, but since 40 is a big birthday, he should throw her a party. Also, since they are married, he should know what she would want. He thinks it’s too difficult to reach out to all her friends and plan something, and he hasn’t gotten her a gift yet either.  

For his 40th birthday, he planned a trip with her and their friends to Las Vegas and they stayed a few extra days to have a spa day. She was the one who booked the spa day, so they thought he should book a hotel and plan a spa day for her and hire a babysitter for the night.