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Eddie Shares Update On His Teeth After Not Wanting To Pay To Get Them Done

Back in July, Eddie got two root canals and they told him he needed to get them filled with his dentist. He was out of insurance, so it was going to cost him a lot of money.

He was informed that students at the dental school would do it for free, but then got a message from a dentist in town who heard his story and told him to come in and they would see what they could do. He went to Dr. Jennifer Judge at Cool Springs Modern Dentistry, and she took a bunch of X-Rays of his teeth and told him he would need more than fillings; he would also need crowns and there was an abscess growing on his tooth. They worked on his crowns and took samples of his abscess to figure out what’s wrong and gave him antibiotics for it. She also told him that the abscess has probably caused the sinus issues and puffy eyes he’s had for the last two years!  

The price and billing were never brought up and he never asked about it and they kept scheduling appointments for him with no prices being discussed. Since they sent him a message asking him to come in, he’s not sure if he should have to pay anything and does not want to ask them about it. Overall, he said the experience went great!