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Lunchbox Brought All His Kids To Birthday Party For His Oldest Son’s Friend

Over the weekend, Lunchbox’s 5-year-old son got invited to a birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese.

It didn’t say anything about not bringing siblings, so he told his two other sons about it. He got them all excited and told them about the games and tokens and they were pumped. When they showed up his 3-year-old son went to get his tokens and was told they were only for the people invited to the party.  

Lunchbox was under the impression everyone was welcome, so he had to explain to them that was not the case. Everyone on the Bobby Bones Show agreed he should’ve asked if siblings were allowed, and if they weren’t, buy them their own tokens and let them play games on the side. But instead, he left and went next door while his wife stayed back with the one kid who was invited. Lunchbox was angry because he thought the family should’ve specified if siblings were allowed or not on the invitation.