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Scuba Steve Gives Final Hair Check-In For Bet With Eddie

Scuba Steve made a bet with Eddie that if he does not shave his head by the end of the year, in January, Eddie will have to shave his head and can’t wear a hat. He wanted to do a final check in on how the bet is going. 

Over the weekend he was at his son's basketball game, and he was sweating the whole time while wearing a hat and felt too uncomfortable to take it off. The way his hair is growing makes him feel insecure and he hasn’t felt like himself for a while. He was so frustrated about it, he asked his wife what he should do, and they flipped a coin. Today, he walked into the studio with a completely shaved head. He couldn’t handle letting it grow anymore and didn’t want to explain to his family and friends during the holidays what happened. Once he shaved it, his wife was very happy, and he got his confidence back. Since Scuba Steve shaved it early, Eddie does not need to do anything!