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Someone Spilled The Tea on Lunchbox Going To Happy Hour With Girl

Someone anonymously spilled the tea on Lunchbox about him going to happy hour with a girl. They overheard him on the phone with a girl talking about meeting for happy hour and he didn’t mention his wife or anyone else.  

Lunchbox said there is no infidelity going on and he was meeting his friend Stephanie who was in town for business and staying at the Four Seasons hotel. She did not invite his wife, but that’s because they had never met before. He thought it would be weird for his wife to come since they would be catching up and she would feel left out. Lunchbox did tell his wife that they were meeting up and that they hadn’t seen each other in 14-15 years. They had a few cocktails and stayed for just under two hours. Lunchbox has come home to his wife sitting on the porch drinking wine with another man before, and he thought nothing was wrong with it, and his wife felt the same way!