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Someone Spills the Tea on Abby & There Was Drama Over Who Spilled

Someone spilled the tea on Abby about her perfume bottle investment. She pitched to buy these rare perfume bottles and they paid her $20, but still have not seen the bottles. The person who spilled the tea used the voice changer and in the beginning of the message they praised Abby for being an important employee and said she has a great singing voice, so they didn’t think it was Lunchbox.

Scuba Steve, Bobby Bones and Abby are the only people who invested in the bottle, so Abby thinks the message came from Scuba Steve. Bones thinks it’s Lunchbox and he tried to trick people into thinking it’s not him by praising her. Amy bet Bones $100 it’s Scuba Steve. They played the original audio without the voice changer, and it turned out to be Lunchbox. He wanted to know where the perfume bottles were, but Abby said he never paid her, even though he said he did in cash. She does have the bottles and will bring them in tomorrow.