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WATCH: Episode 9 of ‘Too Much Access’ w/ University of Cincinnati Bearcats

On episode 9 of Too Much Access, Bobby & Eddie went to Cincinnati, Ohio to visit the University of Cincinnati Bearcats football program. 

After getting off the bus they took from Nashville to Cincinnati, Bobby and Eddie put on a full set of pads and hit the field with the Bearcats running backs coach, LD. Following a gauntlet of running back drills with coach LD, they finished the field work with a competition to see who could get through the bags fastest with a touchdown to finish! The Bearcats offensive line also joined coach LD on the field and Bobby had a chance to size each one of them up with some questions.

Running back drills weren’t the only thing the guys did on the field. 2022 All-AAC defensive lineman, Jowon Briggs, who is a father of 3, an accomplished singer and musician, talked about having to flip a switch on the field to have ‘controlled intensity’ once he is in the trenches. Jowon also talked about playing for his family and how much they mean to him.

The guys also had a chance to sit down with head coach Scott Satterfield, and talked to him about trick plays, why he believes Cincinnati is different from other universities.

Watch their episode with the Cincinnati Bearcats below! Search Bobby Bones Channel on YouTube and subscribe for all the episodes.