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Jesus Take The Wheel: From Self-Reliance to God's Guidance

Rewind about 4 years ago to when my dear friend Ketric Newell told me something I DID NOT want to hear...

"Leanne your Self-Imaging curriculum is GREAT, but I don't want you to teach it to the teenage girls at The Teen Dream Center....YET."

Ugggh! The nerve of him to tell me it wasn't ready --  or that I wasn't ready! (Or whatever I perceived him to be saying to me.)

But now I can see that he had a VERY good reason to say that to me, and it was this:

I was still teaching "self-love" and "self-worth" as something that you do (strictly) through your OWN strength.

In other words, it was this hyper-independent reliance on SELF to do all the heavy-lifting.

And yes I was a little bit "butt hurt" (as the kids say nowadays) when I first heard him say that, but that's only because I didn't yet GET IT!

That is...until I DID get it.

Because in a world that often encourages self-sufficiency, this concept of letting go and allowing God to take the lead can feel a little daunting (or if you're anything like me....totally FOREIGN!)

But what if you could see it in a whole new light?

If you think that asking for help is WEAKNESS (as I raise my hands in admission)

If you struggle with this idea of surrendering your burdens over to God or a higher power (boy did I ever!) 

If you constantly feel like you have to prove how strong, able, tough, or [fill-in-the-blank] you are (SEE ALSO: my entire life before I let God in)...

Then you will LOVE this intimate sit-down with a man I describe as a humble, poetic, prophetic named Ketric. 

It's an invitation to simply try on a new definition of "surrender" and the profound impacts that can happen when you shift from self-reliance to God's guidance.

HOST: @LeanneEllington

GUEST: @Ketric

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