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Bobby Shares Advice for Being In The Moment on Wedding Day

Listener Matthew in Nashville called into The Bobby Bones Show needing advice on how to be present on his wedding day. He is getting married this Saturday, and he wants to make sure he is fully intentional and appreciates every moment while it’s happening.  

Bobby Bones said it’s tough because you spend months getting ready for it and then it all happens so fast in one day. Since Matt knows he should be intentional, he will be. The first thing he suggested is to put ‘mental pins’ in moments and do a private last dance where you talk about the night and check in with your partner. Also, don’t leave each other’s side because once you do, you’ll be pulled in many different directions by family and friends. Bones did not have phones at his wedding because he did not want to pose for photos all night, so he also suggested enforcing a no phone policy. Also, don’t worry about any negativity or anything going wrong, don’t put pressure on yourself to enjoy the night and don’t get too drunk.