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Captain Cringe (Lunchbox) Asked Artists Gross Would You Rather Questions

Lunchbox and Morgan were doing interviews for the CMA Awards and came up with the idea to ask the artists ‘would you rather’ questions. Morgan wanted it to be funny and not super gross, but Lunchbox thought the questions were too boring, so he suggested asking them gross questions that involved bodily fluids. Morgan did use one that involved bodily fluids, but she felt it was appropriate enough for the artists to answer.  

When Lunchbox interviewed Megan Moroney, he decided to do his own thing and asked if she’d rather pee out her noise or poop out her ears. She said pee out her noise which he thought was interesting because the smell would linger around. Thankfully, Moroney was cool with it and said it wouldn’t if you stay hydrated.  

Lunchbox had another cringey moment when he interviewed Maddie and Tae. He brought up the time he asked an Uber driver if he’s driven any country artists, and he shared a story about when he picked up Maddie and Tae and someone from their label and drove them a few blocks to get out of the rain and that they didn’t tip. He told Maddie and Tae that story and they felt bad and said they are 20% tippers all the time and apologized to that Uber driver. Afterwards, they went to their team and asked who it was so they could figure out what happened and make it right with the Uber driver. Morgan told them it was okay and that they weren’t trying to start anything, Lunchbox was just doing a follow-up to the original story.  

The CMA Awards air live tonight from Nashville on ABC at 8/7 CT, and you can stream it on Hulu the next day.