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Morgan Wants To Give Country Artist Friendship Bracelet With Phone Number

Morgan is dating and trying to put herself in different situations to get better results. She was inspired to take a page from Travis Kelce’s book and give a country artist she finds very attractive a friendship bracelet with her phone number on it. The bracelet she made includes her favorite colors and hints to some of the artists song lyrics.  

She’s never tried to be with a country artist before, so she wanted to shoot her shot now! She knows it could be awkward because it’s mixing work with her personal life, but she has already accepted that if it works out or he rejects it, she’ll be cool either way.  

He’s an established artist that is single and his name has a T in it. She is going to see him multiple times this week at CMA Awards events and plans to give him the bracelet the next chance she gets. Morgan will reveal who it is after the exchange has happened.