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Eddie’s Chicken Business Prices Are Going Up

Eddie shared he’s raising the prices for his Smokin’ Hot Chicken business.

Right now, he only has one client who buys a chicken from him once a month. He has to raise his prices because his local grocery store is out of chicken. He can’t get them at another store because he’s tried all kinds of chicken and the quality from this store is the best, and if he can’t do it right, he doesn’t want to do it at all. He doesn’t want to give his customers anything less than an A+ chicken, and now for him to get the equivalent or better quality of chicken, he is raising his price to $30.  

Eddie smokes chicken every week and sells them to people at work or if someone sends him a message and can pick it up at the studio. Overall, he’s made 40 chickens and was selling them for $20. He is accepting unlimited customers, but he is raising his price to $30 a chicken and needs a few weeks to get them.