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Morgan Shoots Her Shot With Country Music Artist

Morgan is starting to date again and wanted to try something different. She liked the idea of Travis Kelce giving Taylor Swift a friendship bracelet with his number on it and saw how well it worked out for him, so she figured she’d try it! She made a friendship bracelet for a country artist that she had a crush on, and it included her phone number, favorite colors and a nod to some of his lyrics.

While she was doing CMA interviews, she gave Dustin Lynch the bracelet! She was so nervous and said her body was shaking giving it to him. In the clip, Morgan gave him the bracelet and he loved it! It included stars on it for his song “Stars Like Confetti.” He said he would use the phone number and asked where her family was from and when she told him Kansas and that they have hunting property he got very excited. She told him she was ready for a first date, and he suggested they visit her family in Kansas. He was a good sport about it and kept the bracelet on for the rest of the day too. 

Everyone handled the interaction really well. He has not reached out to Morgan yet and she does not know if he thinks she was being serious about it. She felt uncomfortable doing it but is proud she put herself out there. There is a chance she will run into him again so there may be more updates soon.