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Lunchbox Wanted To-Go Boxes for Free Food Catered at Cma Awards

In between interviews Lunchbox was doing for the CMA Awards, Abby overheard him talking to people working at the event and asking for five to-go boxes to bring food home.  

He admitted he did it because they were going to take away the food at a certain time, and there was still a lot of food left, so he wanted to limit the waste by bringing it home. His family was going to the soccer game that night and he wasn’t going to get home until late and they were going to be rushed to eat dinner, so he thought the best idea was to bring leftover food home.  

Abby had also sent a text asking if people wanted to go to the Grand Ole Opry to see the Air Force Academy Band that was in studio this morning. The first text back was from Lunchbox, and he asked to hold six tickets. The tickets are for him and his wife, his roommate and his wife are their daughter and her boyfriend who are in town this weekend and he thought taking them to the Opry would be fun! Usually when an artist offers free tickets it means one ticket and a plus one. No one else requested tickets, so he wanted to take theirs, but Abby did not turn in the request because of how ridiculous it was.