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Miranda Lambert Celebrates Birthday by Giving Away Her Boots for MuttNation

Miranda Lambert called into The Bobby Bones Show to share how she’s celebrating her birthday, talk about selling her boots, starting her own label and more!  

Today (November 10th) is Miranda Lambert’s 40th birthday, and to celebrate, she is giving back by selling her own personal boots at her restaurant and bar, Casa Rosa, in downtown Nashville. The boots are size 8.5 and are $100 per pair with all proceeds benefiting MuttNation.  

She knew she wanted to do something special and give back for her birthday, and she thought since she had so many boots, she needed to let go of, she could sell them for a good cause. Every birthday she tells people not to get her a present and to donate something instead, so she’s happy this year, she’ll be able to bring in donations for a good cause, while cleaning out her closet! She’s sad to see them go, but happy it’s for a good cause. The boots are only available in store at Casa Rosa, and Lambert encourages people to stop by, have a margarita and get yourself a pair of boots! If you can’t make it, she asks people to donate at or volunteer at an animal shelter and walk the dogs because it helps improve their life and adoption!  

Lambert’s Velvet Rodeo The Last Vegas Residency at the Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino starts back up at the end of the month and runs until December 16th. She loves the audience at those shows because she knows the people coming to Vegas are there for a good time and there is no such thing as too much of anything. Her show is full of fun, over the top moments with fringe and fire and she has loved learning to do something different.  

Lambert and Jon Randall came together with Big Loud to launch a new label, Big Loud Texas. They will focus on the Texas Country music scene and said there are so many amazing artists who start there and tour in that region who haven’t gotten to the place they need to be yet, and she wants to help by being a mentor for them. It reminded her of the days when she was just getting her start and had all the hope in the world. It’s given her new energy and she is excited to be part of that again and watch their star rise.  

Miranda Lamberts Boot Closet Sale happens on November 10th at Casa Rosa in downtown Nashville from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.